Sunstar Senri Dental Clinic

Treating 30,000 people a year

Affiliated with the Sunstar Foundation, the Senri Dental Clinic is located in central Senri in Toyonaka City in the suburbs of Osaka, Japan. The clinic is visited by some 30,000 people every year for dental treatments, preventive dental care and oral health improvement.

Maintaining health through oral care

The dentists specialized in periodontal diseases, implants, pedodontics, corrective treatments and other clinical fields, as well as trained dental hygienists at the Senri Dental Clinic are working hard to help people maintain health through oral care.

Preventing periodontal disease

Realizing the connection between periodontal diseases and systemic illnesses, the Senri Dental Clinic is focused on the treatment of periodontal diseases for diabetic people. In particular, it provides a diversity of support to patients with type 1 diabetes (IDDM) to help prevent periodontal diseases.

Sunstar Senri Dental Clinic


  • Treatments and preventive care for oral disease
    (periodontitis, caries, stomatitis, etc.)
  • Implants
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Brushing instruction
  • Treatment and preventive care for medically conmpromized patients (Diabetes)

Other Activities

  • Clinical research
  • Presentations at academic meetings
  • Dental health seminars for patients


Sunstar Dental Clinic
Senrito Yomiuri 3F
1-1-3 Shin Senri Higashimachi
Osaka 560-0082

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