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What are the World Dental Hygienist Awards?

Sunstar’s World Dental Hygienist Awards recognize dental hygienists who have made significant contributions to the field of dental hygiene. These prestigious awards celebrate excellence in research, education, patient care, and public health. They honor those who have positively impacted patients, the community, and the general public through their dedicated work and achievements

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How do the World Dental Hygienist Awards Work?

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What categories can I apply for?

You can choose from six categories: Public Health, Full-time Clinician, Academia, Entrepreneur, New RDH, and Research.

How often are the World Dental Hygienist Awards held?

Though the awards were previously presented every 3 years, from now on they will be held every 2 years and celebrated at the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH), which varies location.

What are the application requirements for the World Dental Hygienist Awards?

Applicants must submit written answers to specific questions about their contributions to the dental hygiene profession and a 1-minute video explaining their nomination.

Are there regional qualifications before the global awards?

Yes, applicants from North America and Europe must first go through Regional Awards of Distinction before qualifying for the Global World Dental Hygienist Awards.

What prizes are awarded to the winners?

Winners receive a trophy, $1,500 cash prizes, and reimbursement for participation and travel to the ISDH.

How is the winner selected?

Selection involves a panel of independent dental hygienists reviewing submissions. Public voting on SUNSTAR's YouTube channel can also influence the outcome.

Can I nominate myself, or does someone else need to nominate me?

You can either nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else, as long as the entry meets all the eligibility criteria.

What should be included in the nomination video?

Your video should highlight your achievements and explain why you or your nominee deserves the award, while adhering to the guidelines for effective presentation.

How can I make my nomination video stand out?

Use clear, high-quality visuals and sound. Present in landscape mode, ensure good lighting, and keep the background professional and distraction-free.

What is the deadline to apply for the next awards?

The 2024 awards edition is now closed. The 2026 edition of the World Dental Hygienists Awards and the Awards of Distinction (for participants in North America and Europe) will start accepting applications in January 2025.

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