Public Health

Federica d’Anteo

“Winning this award means being able to communicate with everyone, prevent oral diseases, and treat everyone without language and racial barriers. Thanks to the Sunstar Foundation for giving such great importance to this tool (the book “La cura dei denti senza barriere”) and for helping to share awareness of it.”

About Federica

Federica D'anteo, an Italian Dental Hygienist based in Cavaria con Premezzo, clinched victory in the Public Health category, underscoring her commitment to community well-being. Beyond her role at Il Centro Dentale s.a.s., she's also an accomplished author. Federica penned 'La cura dei denti senza barriere,' a groundbreaking work in Italian dental literature. This book breaks down communication barriers between dental teams and patients who don't speak the language, aiming to promote oral health culture through collaboration among dental hygienists, dentists, and dental assistants. Her efforts contribute to strengthening the concept of community dentistry, fostering healthier communities overall.