Gianna Maria Nardi

“Devoting one's professional life to the study and research on the innovation of operative protocols dedicated to oral health and winning the award in the category "Academia" of our World Dental Hygienist Awards program and receive it during the prestigious International Symposium for Dental Hygiene (ISDH) is pure joy and emotion. I dedicate this award to my daughter Roberta and to my young students, so that they can feel the happiness that an award brings after a lifetime of professional passion, so that they will feel spurred on to a serious and constant commitment to the Academy. Thank you, Sunstar Foundation and the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH).”

About Gianna

Gianna Maria Nardi, a Dental Hygienist and Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome, emerged victorious in the Academia Category, highlighting her dedication to advancing dental education. As one of the pioneers of dental hygiene in Italy, Gianna founded the country's first association of dental hygienists, facilitating its entry into the IFDH. She played a pivotal role in organizing the first IFDH congress in Italy and has imparted her expertise in various universities across the country. Gianna has also directed numerous Masters and Advanced Training Courses, and currently oversees a Master's program focused on managing oral health in special needs patients. Her contributions have significantly shaped dental education and care in Italy.