Juhwa Lee

“Healthy Oral for a Healthy Body, that's what I believe as a dental hygienist and as a human being. Just as the first gateway to maintaining and promoting full-body health is the oral health, I believe that the first gateway to oral health is the dental hygienist, just like the theme of ISDH 2024. “

About Juhwa

Lee Juhwa, a clinical dental hygienist at Yonsei Mirae n Miseo Dental Hospital in Korea, is well-known among her Instagram followers. Besides her clinical role, she manages an online store named 홉HOHB.

Inspired by the Korean proverb, "If you know yourself and your enemy, you'll win every game," Lee applies this principle to oral health maintenance. She wondered how patients could better grasp and manage their oral health to avoid expensive treatments. Motivated by discussions with passionate dental hygienist friends and her own commitment to the field, Lee launched 홉HOHB and entered the World Dental Hygiene Awards.

Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit earned her victory in the Entrepreneur category. Despite her self-identification as a newcomer, Lee's fervor for dental hygiene and her goal of promoting health drive her forward.