Empowering professionals and the public through education

Sunstar Foundation collaborates with top scientists around the world to exchange knowledge on the link between oral and general health.

The Joslin Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative

JSDEI combines a unique interdisciplinary approach with a faculty of leading experts from the Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, USA. During full day scientific programmes, we address the inter-relationships, innovations and interactions around the theme "Diabetes, Oral Health & Nutrition".


A series of talk show-style events dedicated to the link between oral health and general health, recognising some of the most outstanding current research in the field of periodontology.

Perio Link Night

Can periodontitis or other inflammatory processes of the oral cavity contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases and systemic conditions such as atherosclerosis or diabetes, or negatively influence their course?

Cell-to-cell communication

Translating a complex biochemistry pattern into a straightforward message for the patient

The Perio Link video is an engaging and innovative tool created by Sunstar to support professionals in translating the highly complex biochemistry pattern around the link between periodontal disease and diabetes, into a straightforward message for the patient.

Perio Link VR Experience