Awarding excellence in the field of oral health and general health

In celebration of excellence in the field of oral and general health, Sunstar Foundation provides several grants and awards linked to outstanding research and field projects.

World Dental Hygienist Awards

Recognizing the important role that dental hygienists play in promoting and sustaining good oral health.

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World Perio Research Awards

Recognizing the best papers related to periodontal disease treatment.

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Perio Link Award

Aiming to bring scientific innovation closer to the people by summarizing selected paper’s findings in a one-minute video.

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IADR Karring–Nyman Sunstar Award

Providing a grant to researchers at the beginning of their career, based on a submitted research proposal in the field of bone regeneration.

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AAP’s Sunstar Innovation Grant

Supporting AAP member research that aims to identify novel and innovative evidence-based periodontal treatment approaches for enhancing patient care.

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A trophy as meaningful as the award itself

When the first Sunstar Foundation Award was presented in 2003, the Foundation Chairman, Hiroo Kaneda, envisioned a trophy as meaningful as the award itself. Mr. Kaneda commissioned the famous Italian architect, Mario Bellini to materialize this vision. Bellini's artistic contributions to society include Olivetti's typewriter and calculators, now found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and his latest architectural work is found at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

At the base of the trophy, is the following inscription in Italian: "Nell'albero infinito della ricerca scientifica è racchiuso il mistero dell'evoluzione dell'umanità." Translated in English, it means: "The mystery of human evolution is enclosed within the infinite tree of scientific research."

When viewed from the front, the trophy is shaped like the symbol for infinity and infers a quantity without bound or end. The "S" shape of the symbol is also meant to embody science and the Sunstar company. It is a fitting tribute to the Sunstar Foundation Award recipients.