Sunstar celebrates the 1st Perio Link Award to bring the relationship between oral and general health closer to the people

April 17, 2018

Etoy, April 17, 2018The Sunstar Foundation has celebrated the 1st Perio Link Award to bring scientific innovations in the relationship between oral and general health closer to the general population. Since 2003, the Sunstar Foundation recognises the best research papers about this relationship in distinguished awards such as the World Perio Research Award. This new prize, however, is a step forward to increase awareness among the population about how oral health is related to all the body.

As Dr Marzia Massignani explains, Scientific Affairs Manager of Sunstar, "most of the times scientific news are exclusive to the technical community due to the network where they are naturally shared. However, we strongly believe that news impacting general health should be shared with all the population, which can directly benefit by being informed about how to improve their wellbeing. Therefore, the 1st Perio Link Award aims to share technic news from the field of oral and general health with non-science audience more simply and engagingly".

The Sunstar Foundation Scientific Committee chaired by Prof. Robert J. Genco selected twenty-three papers. This short list was based on impact in the field in the last three years. To participate every first author was asked to explain in a one-minute video the main objectives of the paper and why its findings were essential to have a better understanding of how oral health can affect the general health and vice-versa. Finally, the viewers had to do the final judgement by voting for the best video to win the 1st Sunstar Perio Link Award.

As a result, the winner of this first edition is the following paper; Resolvin E1 Reverses Experimental Periodontitis and Dysbiosis, published in October 2016 by the Journal of Immunology and written by Lee CT, Teles R, Kantarci A, Chen T, McCafferty J, Starr JR, Brito LC, Paster BJ, Van Dyke TE. The paper, in detail, shows how we can improve the treatment for periodontal disease by having a pharmacological control of inflammation with natural molecules to resolve it and, at the same time, reverse the periodontal process. As a reward, the first author will receive a registration and accommodation for the EuroPerio 9 Congress (20-23 June 2018 in Amsterdam) and monetary recognition of 1.000 euro. The prize will be given in the first Perio Link Night during the Award Ceremony on June 22.

Besides the 1st Perio Link Award and the World Perio Research Award, the Sunstar Foundation has other prestigious awards, such as the World Dental Hygienist Award or the IADR Karring-Nyman Sunstar Guidor ® award, to increase awareness about the importance of oral health and to recognise the best professionals and practices from all over the world. Furthermore, the Sunstar Foundation also has the AAP's SUNSTAR Innovation grant to support innovation member research that aims to identify novel and innovative evidence-based periodontal treatment approaches, and congresses that approach the strong relationship between diabetes and oral health.

In a nutshell, since 1977, the Sunstar Foundation aims to promote better health among the population by carrying out several activities that educate about the importance of improving oral care to achieve better general health.